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Operation Against Illegal Buses At Badami Bagh Leads To 15 Confiscations

--Administrator Ahmad Raza Butt says action was taken against those who had no rout permits on Rawalpindi route

By Muhammad Wali
LAHORE– A grand operation was launched against illegal passenger bus operations at the General Bus Stand Badami Bagh on Thursday with impounding of 15 vehicles.
The operation carried out by Administrator Ahmad Raza Butt who later held a meeting with the transporters over the issue.
Butt told lahoremirror.com that the crackdown was launched on the directives of the Commissioner/Administrator MCL against complaints that buses are being illegally operated at Rawalpindi Stand.
Badami Bagh GBS 4
He said absence of route permits was causing clash among the transporters that led to strict enforcement.
The administrator with the help of his team got the control of bays and deputed staff to ensure that only legally issued route permit vehicles would be allowed.
The special staff was deputed to note vehicles to ensure operation of buses on first come first go basis, Ahmad Butt said, adding surprise raids were conducted, route permits checked and 15 vehicles were impounded on the charge of being operated without legally issued route permit.
Badami Bagh GBS 6
The administrator called in the police on spot and held meeting with the transporters along with the Lorry Adda Station House Officer.
He managed to convince the transporters that no vehicle would be allowed in Lorry Adda which are not having route permits.
The transporters agreed with the decision and appreciated the strict action taken by the administrator.— LAHORE MIRROR