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About Us

Lahore Mirror is an English language news and current affairs web portal cum digital broadcast network set up to provide round-the-clock news about happenings in Lahore and Punjab in particular while in Pakistan and across the globe in general. It also covers opinions, blogs and current affairs.

This website covers in details politics, governance, security, business/ economy, sport, entertainment, Information Technology, science, health, education, lifestyle, travel and tourism etc involving local, national and international news.

With a dedicated team of working journalists and professionals, the blog also carries and welcomes opinions and analysis.

The major objective of the website is to produce investigative and quality news content for the information and entertainment of our worthy readers and viewers.

We are committed to reporting news accurately and with energy and vigour.

The maintenance of high editorial standards is at the core of the Lahore Mirror’s business philosophy.


The diversity in news content is our vision to achieve in a country having 210 million souls and is faced with a plethora of problems starting from governance to economy.

Our Vision is also to pioneer new ways to serve the readers through quality journalism and experiences, bringing them closer to us and each other.

Get in Touch

57 K 1 Wapda Town, Lahore 54770

Phone: +92 300 4578228
Email: info@lahoremirror.com
Email: lahoremirror.com@gmail.com


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