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Journalist Ahsan Kamray Receives MPhil Degree in PU’s 133rd Convocation


LAHORE MIRROR — Ahsan Kamray, a journalist and youth activist, has been awarded an MPhil Degree in Communication Studies at the 133rd Convocation of the University of the Punjab. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Abida Ashraf, Chairperson of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising, Kamray completed a groundbreaking thesis that delves into the relationship between YouTube political content creators and political parties from a political economy perspective.

Kamray’s thesis, titled “Relationship between YouTube Political Content Creators and Political Parties in Terms of Political Economy: A YouTubers Perspective,” explores the interactions between digital influencers and political entities. His research sheds light on how political content creators on YouTube influence and are influenced by political parties, offering valuable insights into the mechanisms of digital political engagement and its economic implications.

In his research, Kamray examined how YouTube has become a crucial platform for political discourse and the ways political parties leverage these digital influencers to shape public opinion. His findings reveal a complex web of mutual benefits, where content creators gain prominence and financial incentives, while political parties enhance their reach and influence among the electorate.

Kamray expressed his gratitude for the guidance and support of Prof. Dr. Abida Ashraf, whose expertise in academia was instrumental in shaping his research. “Working under Dr. Ashraf’s supervision was an enriching experience that significantly contributed to the depth and quality of my study,” Kamray noted.

Reflecting on his success, Kamray thanked Allah for His blessings and support. He also expressed profound gratitude to his parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and colleagues who stood by him throughout his academic journey. “I owe this achievement to the unwavering support and prayers of my family and friends. Their encouragement kept me motivated through every challenge,” Kamray shared.

Kamray’s achievement is a testament to his dedication and intellectual rigor. As a journalist and youth activist, his work extends beyond academia into the realms of practical activism and media practice, positioning him as a thought leader in the field of political communication.

“The intersection of digital media and politics is an area of growing importance,” Kamray remarked. “Understanding the economic relationships behind the content we consume is crucial for comprehending the broader political landscape.”

Kamray’s work has received commendations from academic peers and media professionals alike, highlighting the relevance and timeliness of his research. As he continues his career, Kamray aims to further explore the implications of digital media on political processes and to advocate for transparency and accountability in political communications.

The University of the Punjab, one of Pakistan’s most prestigious educational institutions, recognized Kamray’s academic excellence during its convocation ceremony, celebrating the achievements of its graduates and their contributions to various fields of study.

Kamray’s academic journey and professional endeavors exemplify the intersection of scholarship and activism, underscoring the pivotal role of informed and engaged youth in shaping the future of political discourse in Pakistan and beyond.