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Lahore Development Authority’s Annual Budge Approved


LAHORE– The governing body of Lahore Development Authority approved annual budget of LDA and its subordinate agencies WASA and TEPA for the fiscal year 2019-20 on Thursday. 

Vice Chairman Lahore Development Authority S M Imran chaired the budget meeting which was attended by MPA Sadia Sohail Rana, Major Rtd. Syed Burhan Ali as well as Engineer Amir Riaz Qureshi, Director General LDA Muhammad Usman Moazzam, Managing Director WASA Sayed Zahid Aziz and representatives of the provincial Local Government, Housing, P&D and Finance Departments as well as of Commissioner Lahore Division.

LDA (Urban Development Wing)

Total resources of LDA (UD Wing) during the fiscal year 2019-20 have been estimated at Rs. 34.52 billion while development expenditure during this period will be Rs. 18.82 billion.

This development expenditure includes (i) Rs. 7.72 billion through LDA’s own sources and (ii) Rs. 11.09 billion to be provided by the Punjab Government for executing various development projects under Annual Development Programme and deposit works.

An amount of Rs. 3.68 billion has been allocated through LDA’s own sources for carrying out development works in LDA housing Schemes. This includes Rs. 350 million for LDA Avenue-I, Rs. 230 million for construction of road networLahore Development Authority’s Annual Budge Approvedk, water supply and sewerage in Finance & Trade Centre, Johar Town, Rs. 3 billion for LDA City, and Rs. 110 million for different development projects in various LDA housing schemes.

A sum of Rs. 546.8 million have been allocated for construction of different buildings including Rs. 20 million for extension of LDA office building at Johar Town, Rs. 50 million for construction of office building at LDA Avenue-I, Rs. 50 million for additional construction work at Park & Shop Plaza, Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town, Rs. 70 million for construction of community centre Garden Town, Rs. 100 million for construction of apartments in Finance and Trade Centre and Rs. 100 million for construction of an official residences for LDA employees.

A sum of Rs. 955 million have been allocated for other development schemes including Rs.210 million for Development and Implementation of Integrated Computerized Systems for LDA. Construction of pedestrian bridges at different locations in the city will cost Rs. 200 million and for the very first time, Rs. 50 million have been allocated in this budget for green cover in Lahore City.

A sum of Rs. 960.28 million have been allocated for new schemes including Rs. 100 million for construction of LDA Tower Complex, Ferozpur Road Lahore, Rs. 100 million for rehabilitation of Main Boulevard Samanabad, Rs. 100 million for rehabilitation of dual carriageway Liaqat chowk to Multan Road, Sabzazar Scheme, Rs. 100 million for rehabilitation of main boulevard Allama Iqbal Town and Gulshan-Ravi, Rs. 5 million for Improvement of main road G-Block Gulshan-i-Ravi, Rs. 3 million for improvement and rehabilitation of Roads in Allama Iqbal Town, Rs. 40.7 million for widening and improvement of Jorre Pul Intersection Allama Iqbal Town, Rs. 25 million for   improvement of roads in Faisal Town, Rs. 30.19 million for rehabilitation of road on both sides of Drain, Model Town Ext, Rs. 70 million for rehabilitation of Roads in G/III block of M.A Johar Town and Rs. 50 million for improvement of main boulevard and adjoining links in different blocks of Tajpura Scheme.

A sum of Rs. 1.7 billion has been allocated for completing on the ongoing schemes. Construction of walk and shop arena at Johar Town will cost Rs. 590 million, Rs. 50 million will be spent for for construction of missing links of structure plan roads, Rs. 60.73 million for remodeling of underpasses at Canal Road and Rs. 300 million for preferential advantageous works.

LDA will also execute different projects under the Annual Development Programme of the Punjab government and other deposit works amounting to a total expenditure of Rs. 11.09 billion.

A sum of Rs. 60 million has been allocated for construction of flyover at Shaukat Khanum Chowk, along Khyaban-e- Jinnah, Lahore, Rs. 100 million for widening of Aik Moriya Pull near Railway Station and Rs. 580 million for under construction sports complexes in the city.

A sum of Rs. 10 billion has been allocated for carrying out different civil works, allied works and shifting of services for Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project.


WASA is excepting total receipts of Rs. 14.46 billion in the financial year 2019-20 while the estimated expenditure is Rs. 17.75 billion including Rs. 3.80 billion for development schemes.— PRESS RELEASE