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Dr Yasmeen Urges Dentists to Introduce Advanced Studies in Profession


LAHORE– Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid participated in a seminar held at the Lahore Medical and Dental College as chief guest on the topic of scientific session on advanced sciences of dentistry.

Principal, faculty members and large number of students were also there on the spot. Aspects of dental diseases and cure were discussed in the session.

Minister Health Dr Yasmeen Rashid has said on this occasion that doctors in the field of dentistry should introduce advanced studies with full commitment and passion. Dental treatment in southern areas is very important.

She further said that best dental treatment is available in all government hospitals of Punjab.

“We are going to start awareness program in the teaching institutions about dental deceases. Organizers of this seminar deserve congratulations for holding such important event”.

Parents should make their kids used to of tooth brushing in routine. Pakistan Medical Dental Council should prefer best dentists in market.

International standards in medial dental teaching institutions must be ensured at any cost.— PRESS HANDOUT