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UVAS Holds Stakeholders Meeting of Industry Liaison Working Group Fisheries and Aquaculture


LAHORE– The University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (UVAS) Lahore organised stakeholders meeting of Industry Liaison Working Group Fisheries and Aquaculture for the promotion of Fisheries and Aquaculture sector in Punjab.

UVAS Vice-Chancellor Meritorious Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha chaired the meeting while Director General, Department of Fisheries Punjab Dr Sikander Hayyat, professionals, fish farmers, representative from fish feed industries, UVAS faculty members were present.

Speaking on the occasion, VC Prof Pasha said thatpresent Government focusing on fishery sector which was neglected in past. He said private sector collaboration would be necessary and it will play a lead role in development of fishery sector.

He said aim of the meeting was to provide a platform to the stakeholders where they can discuss various important issues, major constraints, requirements and challenges to cater the growing need of population in the country.

He said UVAS will make next fishery conference more result oriented with applied innovative knowledge for fish farming community, fish feed industry, professionals and also aquaculture sector development in the country.

UVAS-Fisheries 1

VC also shared the benefit of school meal programme and its enormous result to attract students towards school also to curb malnutrition issues.

Dr Sikander Hayyat spoke about the initiatives of three projects Rs13.7 billion taken by government of Pakistan for the promotion of Incubate shrimps farming, Cage fish culture and boost Trout fish farming to strengthen Fisheries & Aquaculture sector in Pakistan.

An open discussion was held and all the participants put forward various suggestions for development of Fisheries & Aquaculture sector. They called to work for the development of different indigenous fish species of Pakistani.

They also suggested arrange workshops, seminars, symposium and conference at national and international level to impart practical knowledge to farmers and professionals in future. They also discuss future planning for IFAC-2021 under the umbrella of WAS and WAS-APC.

Earlier Associate Professor/Chairman Department of Fisheries&AquacultureDr Noor Khan presented the post conference report to members of Industry Liaison Working Group Fisheries and Aquaculture regarding International Fisheries & Aquaculture Conference 2019.

In which he spoke about conference benefits especially for farming community, conducted different technical session, workshops/fish farmer sessions, abstracts/poster/ expo and actively participation of professionals came from different part of world and contribution of donor/sponsor agencies to uplift fishery sector in Pakistan.— PRESS RELEASE