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Muslim World League’s Significant Role!


Syed Mahmood Sherazi

The establishment of the Muslim World League occurred 62 years ago in 1962 in Mecca Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, the Muslim World League has been engaged in efforts to end animosities, differences, and hostilities among Muslims over the past 62 years, striving to build bridges between different religions and within Islam.

The purpose of establishing the organization in Mecca is to clarify the true message of Islam and play a role in promoting cooperation in Islamic and humanitarian endeavors. To achieve this purpose, the Muslim World League invites influential Islamic figures from around the world to spread the message of Islam globally, aiming for a purified Islam free from sectarianism.

Strengthening relationships between different religions and the Muslim world is a fundamental objective of this organization. In addition to holding international conferences, the Muslim World League translates Islamic books into various languages to spread the message of Islam worldwide and dispel misconceptions about Islam.

Eliminating Islamophobia and presenting the correct image of Islam to the world are also included in the organization’s objectives. To achieve this goal, the Muslim World League selects members from around the world to serve as ambassadors of Islam, playing a pivotal role in promoting the true essence of Islam and dispelling misunderstandings between Muslims and other religions.

Furthermore, the organization’s core objectives include establishing mosques worldwide and using them as platforms to disseminate the message of Islam publicly. Additionally, the organization provides substantial assistance to distressed Muslims, especially during natural disasters, considering it a primary duty to serve the Pakistani nation whenever natural calamities occur.

The designated Saudi ambassador to Pakistan, Nawaf bin Saeed Al-Maliki, has unparalleled affection for Pakistan, always providing full cooperation during his tenure with the Muslim World League’s services in Pakistan.

The organization has played a prominent role in the distribution and publication of the Quran worldwide. It continues to actively combat terrorism and work towards eliminating extremism and corruption associated with it, aiming to eradicate false perceptions about Islam and promote dialogue among diverse religious and intellectual perspectives.

Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, the current Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, is a prominent figure who previously served as the head of the Ministry of Justice in Saudi Arabia. He holds a doctoral degree in Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic laws, and Saudi laws from Imam Muhammad bin Saud University.

Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Issa, the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League, has highlighted the importance of interfaith dialogue and discussions among people holding different religious and ideological beliefs over the past few years, especially in combating extremism and terrorism.

A global conference titled “Building Bridges between Islamic Religions” was recently held in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, aimed at promoting interfaith understanding and cooperation. The organization’s mission is to bridge the gaps between different religious sects and ideologies and promote harmony and cooperation among them.

Undoubtedly, the Muslim World League is an institution established worldwide to present the correct image of Islam and address misconceptions and objections against Islamic beliefs and teachings. Its mission is to address the issues and problems facing Muslims worldwide and complete their educational and cultural projects effectively.

Syed Mahmood Sharazi