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Specialized Healthcare Secretary Gets Detailed Briefing About PHIMC


LAHORE– Secretary Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Punjab Momin Agha, Special Secretary Admin Shakeel Ahmad, Addl Secretary Development Asif Ali paid detailed visit to the Punjab Health Initiative Management Company (PHIMC) on Tuesday.

It was briefed to the officials that it is a Cash Less Scheme for Inpatient Healthcare Services for peoples and is fully funded by the Punjab government with the affiliation of State Life Insurance Corp.

All 36 districts of the province have been planned to be provided Sehat Card to 6.8 million families and 3.9 individuals.

Till to date, in 21 districts the program has been initiated having verification by NADRA. The chair informed that the program is providing full financial support in major diseases i.e, Cardiovascular, Diabetes Mellitus, Burn, Chronic diseases, Organ failure etc.

“Even the program is paying Burial Support Rs. 10,000/-, Transport Stipend Rs. 1000/- up to three times.”

Accordingly 104 private, 4 Government Hospitals are enrolled and 349587 patients visited out of which 91090 admitted,/treated. Complaint Management System having toll free helpline facility given 24/7 (0800-09009).

The Secretary urged the immediate of posting of CEO of the company.

He added best hospitals in private sector as well as public sector must be impaneled.— PRESS HANDOUT