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Rescue 1122 Marks World First Aid Day in Punjab

Dr Rizwan Says an immediate first aid can make a real difference in saving lives.


LAHORE MIRROR – The Punjab Emergency Services Department (PESD) marked World First Aid Day in all districts of Punjab to raise awareness about the critical importance of first aid knowledge and skills among the general public.

According to a press release issued on Saturday, all District Emergency Officers (DEOs) were directed to observe World First Aid Week from 4 to 9th September to raise public awareness and impart CPR & bleeding control training.

The aim of this weeklong campaign was to train citizens as Life Savers so that we can have a “First Aider in every Home”.

Dr Riwan Naseer, who is also the Founder of Rescue 1122 in Pakistan, which today is a model for South Asia, said that this year, now we need to give First Aid a digital turn as per the focus of the World First Aid Day 2023 theme “First Aid in the Digital World”.

Accordingly, Rescue 1122 has developed an online training mobile APP named “Pak Life Saver” which has basic videos and literature for basic first aid knowledge followed by online tests and practical hands-on training at the nearest Rescue Station.

Dr Rizwan Naseer further emphasized the role of having a First Aider in every Home as any Emergency Service like Rescue 1122 also requires 8-10 minutes to respond, during which in case of a cardiac arrest, brain damage starts after 4 minutes which can be prevented by immediate quality CPR by a trained first aider.

He further said that Rescue 1122 had saved countless lives by providing timely professional first aid to over 13 million victims of emergencies since 2004.

Dr Riwan Naseer, the founder of Rescue 1122 Pakistan, appealed to the public, especially the youth, that they could become a part of the life-saving mission of Rescue 1122 by simply downloading the Pak-Life-Saver App on their mobile, and starting online CPR training and certification.

Then practice these essential skills at your nearest Rescue Station. He extended an invitation to citizens, urging them to join hands with Rescue 1122 in saving lives and working together to build a safer society for all.