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PSCA Mulls to Set Up E-Check Posts at Lahore’s Entry and Exit Points

-- The authority has completed construction work on Thokar Niaz Baig, Shera Kot and Old Ravi Bridge


LAHORE– The Punjab Safe Cities Authority has begun construction of e-check posts on entry and exit points of Lahore.

According to the details, Punjab Safe Cities Authority has completed construction of e-check posts at Thokar Niaz Baig, Shera Kot and Old Ravi Bridge.

According to Spokesperson of PSCA, e-check posts will be constructed on all the entry & exit points of Lahore.

In the first phase, work on three e-check posts has been completed. The suspected vehicles will be checked through safe cities cameras at these e-check posts.

The police at a checkpoint will be notified about suspected vehicles and checked accordingly. For this purpose, separate lines have been made for rickshaws, motorcycles, wagons and heavy vehicles.

On these checkpoints PSCA has fixed Dilators, Cat-eyes, Side-edge, Line Markings and Speed ​​Humps.

The authority further said that these surveillance posts will not only improve security surveillance, traffic management and flow of traffic, but also enhance the beauty of Lahore’s Entry and Exit points.— PRESS RELEASE