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Police Foil Pastor’s Alleged Self-Inflicted Shooting Plan in Jaranwala Case

Police Foil Alleged Self-Inflicted Shooting Plan in Jaranwala Case


By Our Web Reporter

LAHORE MIRROR – In a statement, the police revealed that Pastor Azhar, who also goes by the alias Vicky Masih, has come under scrutiny as authorities allege his involvement in a scheme to orchestrate a self-inflicted shooting and escape the country.

According to the police, the unfolding of events began when Pastor Azhar reported a murderous attack on himself at the Saddar police station while he was en route from Faisalabad to his village, 71GB, on a motorcycle.

However, as the police delved deeper into the case, suspicions arose.

Subsequent investigations brought startling revelations to the surface, indicating that the writing found outside the church, which was initially believed to be a message from the perpetrator, had allegedly been composed by the pastor himself.

Through the application of modern technology and rigorous investigative efforts, the police successfully thwarted what they claimed to be a nefarious conspiracy orchestrated by the pastor.