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PDBP Comes Up With Digitization of Urban Land Record Management Project


LAHORE– In order to address challenges associated with the systems lacking digitization of urban land record, the Planning and Development Board Punjab (PDBP) is coming up with a project for Digitization of Urban Land Record Management.

According to Chairman P&D Board, “Currently the systems involved for digitization of land records does not include urban land. Recording of urban properties is being undertaken through registration of deeds which lacks spatial information and deed for registration of property is explicitly allowed without requiring any proof of ownership.

In the absence of a standard system of recording land rights in urban, different agencies (both private and public sector) have devised their own individual system of recording these in areas of their respective jurisdiction and according their operational requirements.

Resultantly, the system has failed in terms of quality of services provided to the people where lands have transformed into a metropolis. A new system, therefore, is under consideration which addresses all operational and administrative needs of the government.”

He further added, “Government has decided to move in the direction of a unified, formal system wherein, the Individual rights will be made secured and certified copies be issued in favor of an individual and a clear distinction between rural and urban properties will be ensured”.

Approval for digitization of Urban Land Record through technical and financial assistance of World Bank has already been accorded by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief Minister of Punjab and Standing Committee of Cabinet on Finance & Development for Punjab.— PRESS RELEASE