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LCWU Highlights Solutions To Climate Change In International Conference


LAHORE: 3 days International Conference titled “SMART PLANTATION” (an ultimate solution to climate change)was organized by Department of Botany, LCWU, Lahore on March 2-4, 2020.

The conference was organized to highlight the current environmental issues and their possible solutions including, green strategies working to combat the challenges of climate change on a wider scale because the plantation is considered as the only way to tackle the changes of current environmental problems specially associated with climate change, air, water, soil, noise pollution and smog etc.

Current atmospheric and extreme climatic conditions have created big problems turning this biosphere unable to survive.

Speaking at the inaugural session Chief guest Syed Yasir Gillani Chairman Parks & Horticulture Authority said, ‘CLIMATE change is one of the crucial and critical global challenges of our time. Climate change has effects on all forms of living in the entire ecosystem — people, animals or plants. Every species is suffering from the changes around on a massive scale. These changes are affecting agriculture, further endangering food security, a rise in sea levels and the accelerated erosion of coastal zones. This is increasing the intensity of natural disasters, species extinction, and spread of vector-borne diseases. The indiscriminate use of chlorofluorocarbons, deforestation, and green house effect are adding to the catastrophe”

He added that we have to design the eco balance for humanity,36000 number of trees will be  planted in Lahore in this season. speaking at the occasion VC Professor Dr Bushra Mirza said, ”In the light of the damage done by the change this is a concern that needs to be addressed at a global level. Youth plays a vital role in combating the climate change.

we need drastic steps to improve air quality and harness renewable energy sources if it is to tackle the damage inflicted by changing weather patterns”.

Speaker from Malaysia Professor Dr. Munir’s talked about the reduction of food, A step towards climate change. He discussed the green house gasses in CSP, which was the right planning at right time. He also elaborated the facts in Air Quality report and suggested that With the help of smart plantation we can improve the climate change in Lahore.

Dr. Farah Khan Chairperson of Botany Department talked about the importance of plants in climate change. A large number of international and national speakers were invited to present their Research work regarding current climate change issues and their ultimate solutions.

Many international speakers from USA, Canada, Tunizia, Saudi Arabia, India and Nigeria including Prof. Dr.Tarlok Singh Sahota, Prof. Dr. Munir Ozturk, Prof. Dr. Sabrine Nahdi, Prof. Dr. Elshafia, Prof. Dr. Adnan, Prof. Dr. Tahir Rashid and Prof. Dr. Khurram Joya participated in the conference and presented their research.

Technical Session I was on the Theme of Ecosystem and Landscape Management.Dr. Khurram S. Joya presented a paper titled: light harvesting, water splitting and CO2 conversion. El-Shfaia came up with her research In-vitro evaluation of some eco-friendly natural products against Citrus bacterial canker (Xanthomonas citri sb spp citri) in Sudan.

Shomaila Ashfaq, Mushtaq Ahmad  highlighted Utilization of medicinal plants in arid Ecosystem: a case study from Northern Punjab, Pakistan.

In Technical Session-II, Climate Smart Genetic Breeding and Biotechnology was the theme. Asma Ashraf and Javed Iqbal presented paper on Rapid in-vitro micro propagation of Eucalyptus camaldulensis an air cleaner using different PGRs.

Hira Younas, Dr. Athar Hussain Shah presented paper on  Study of in-vitro organogenesis from different explants of tomato-Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.

Technical Session III was on Smart Agricultural Development .Technical Session IV was on Eco-friendly Plant Species. The conference was  organized in collaboration with Punjab higher education commission (PHEC).—PRESS RELEASE