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Health Minister Inaugurates New Building Of Punjab Health Foundation

LAHORE– Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid Friday inaugurated new building of the Punjab Health Foundation.
Special Secretary Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Mian Shakeel and Managing Director Punjab Health Foundation Ajmal Bhatti with other officers were also present on this occasion.
At least 20 rooms of old building of the Punjab Health Foundation have been renovated.
Dr Yasmin Rashid speaking on this occasion that last governments did ignore this institution and used for their political and personal interests intentionally. We have made it functional on this direction and according to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
She further said bright chances for jobs and business in the health sector have been created.
“Past governments of 24 years only issued loans to 1,100 doctors to run business while we have issued 350 loans during just last nine months.”
“Four persons can get loans of hundred and ten million for submitting collaterally. Recovery rate of the Punjab Health Foundation is 97 percent.”
Efforts of Special Secretary Mian Shakeel and Managing Director Ajmal Bhatti were appreciated.
“We are committed to build more hospitals to facilitate maximum patients. Two road shows in this regard have been arranged.”
Ms Rashid further said on this occasion that we will not make fake claims like last corrupt governments but bring real change in government hospitals.
“Tele medicine will be promoted more to facilitate maximum patients.”— PRESS HANDOUT