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Dolphin Squad, PRU Become Headache For Criminals On Roads


LAHORE– Dolphin Squad and Police Response Unit (PRU) of Lahore police in their crackdown against criminals on city roads claim to have recovered three cars, 11 bikes, nine mobile phones, 36 pistols, three rifles, 32 magazines, 391 bullets and thousands of rupees from them.

SP Dolphin Squad Squad Naveed Irshad giving details of the weekly performance of both the wings said the crime fighters of Dolphin Squad and PRU recovered narcotics including 88 bottles of liquor from the accused criminals.

Dolphins and PRU wings showed immediate response to all 472 calls received on Police emergency number 15.

Promoting community policing, both Dolphins and PRU helped as many as 160 people on different city roads.

Dolphin Squad and PRU during vigorous and effective patrolling in the city, checked 161 vehicles, more than 01 lakh 7 thousands motor bikes, 71740 persons.

As many as14 vehicles, 58 motor bikes and 205 persons were impounded in different Police Stations due to incomplete documents whereas disciplinary action was taken against responsible persons.

As many as three cars, 11 bikes, nine mobile phones and thousands of rupees were recovered from the criminals during enforcement actions.

Dolphin Squad and PRU also arrested 28 criminals for violating one- wheelie, three in aerial firing, five in fire arms and another nine accused persons for violating the kite flying act.

Both Dolphin Squad and PRU also arrested 23 TOs during last week crackdown. — PRESS RELEASE