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CTO Liaqat Swings Into Action, Conducts Covert Roads Visits To Check Alertness Of Wardens


By Our Web Reporter

LAHORE– Traffic wardens assigned to field duties came to a surprise after Chief Traffic Officer retired Captain Liaqat ALi Malik conducted city road visits and checked duties of wardens during ongoing protest rallies by a religious sect on Sunday.

Plying on a private vehice, the CTO visited Thokar Niaz Baig, Canal Road, Mall Road and Lower Mall and reviewed multiple diversion points with regard to a protest rally staged by Wahdatul Musleemeen and traffic flow on Ravi Road, Bund Road.

Patrolling officer Imran was suspended from service and was close lined after the CTO spotted a man selling sacrificial meat along the road side on Canal Road.

Sector In-charge Thokar Niaz Baig Yaseen Bhatti was reprimanded for poor arrangements while In-charge Wahdat Road Inspector Abdul Hameed and patrolling officer were also grilled and issued show cause notice.

Other officials who were issued show cause notices for poor traffic supervision and showing dereliction of duty and directed to explain their positions before the CTO are Inspector Kamran Bokhari, Iftikhar Ashraf and nine traffic wardens.

CTO Liaqat Ali Malik has made it clear that he would tolerate no such non-serious approach of on duty wardens, directing wardens deputed at crossing to facilitate motorists as much as they can.

Meanwhile, all diversions were removed and roads were cleared for traffic flow.