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Citizens Get Immediate Relief at Open Court of Rawalpindi CPO Faisal Rana


RAWALPINDI– City Police Officer Captain (retired) Muhammad Faisal Rana listened to the citizens’ complaints at an open court held at Waqarun Nissa College on Friday and issued orders to police formations for immediate relief.

A good number of complainants including women turned up at the forum and placed their cases before the CPO.

Faisal Rana listened to the complaints involving policemen and marked their applications for further actions.

Rawalpindi complainants

Speaking on the occasion, DIG Faisal Rana said he would not allow those policemen to serve Rawalpindi police who doesn’t follow the course of law.

He made it clear that the station house officer of each police station will be bound to trace a robbery case within a week other the officer will have to face departmental accountability.

The CPO said he always convinced with those open courts where people criticise police. His point of view was appreciated by the visitors who acknowledged the improvement in police working.

The visitors were of the view that the Rawalpindi police are arresting accused in criminal cases in quick manner leading to improvement in public trust on police.— LAHORE MIRROR