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Chief Minister Punjab Inaugurates Mobile Police Khaidmat Centers for 36 Districts

Sardar Usman Bozdar also announces police service centers at tehsil level and approves increase in frozen Punjab police allowance since 2008

LAHORE– Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar inaugurated the Mobile Police Khidmat Marakiz (Centers)program at the Greater Iqbal Park on Saturday.
He also inaugurated the Police Khidmat Markaz (Centers) at the Greater Iqbal Park.
He visited the Police Khidmat Markaz and reviewed the services being given to the citizens.
The chief minister was briefed about 14 services provided to the citizens at Police Khidmat Marakiz and Mobile Police Marakiz. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said citizens visiting the centers should be saved from making repeated visits for the documents.
The stamp papers should be provided at the service centers and the counters of the Bank of Punjab should be set up for this purpose.
He said the provision of a copy of FIR and other services will be provided easily through Police Khidmat Marakiz and Mobile police Khidmat Marakiz.
He said the provision of services to the people at their doorsteps is the mission of PTI government. The provision of driving licences and other services through these centres is the praiseworthy measure. The scope of the Police Khidmat Marakiz and Mobile Police Khidmat Marakiz will be further enhanced. Addressing the inauguration ceremony, CM Usman Buzdar said he is feeling satisfied while inaugurating the police service centers program because the people residing in remote villages will get services from police at one place rather at their doorsteps.
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The police service centers have not only been set up at all districts, but they are also functional. The provision of services to 25 lakh citizens in two years is undeniable evidence of success. The process of the public services will be expanded further. About 5.5 lakh people have been benefited from these centres in the short period of six months.
The services include driving licence, character certificate, police verification and medico-legal. This is praiseworthy step without any doubt. He said he had inaugurated the Police Khidmat Markaz in Multan about three months ago and later in Rahimyar Khan and he had then thought this service should be provided in all remote areas of Punjab and today I am humbly inaugurating Police Mobile Khidmat Marakiz in all 36 districts by the grace of Allah.
“We are humbly thankful to Allah Almighty for the completion of this task because we are advancing towards completion of another promise of public service.”
The scope of these centres will be enhanced to the tehsil level soon. He said not only citizens are benefiting from these centres but these centres have helped in the protection of police record and they have provided secured access to the Police Station Record Management System (PSRMS). These centres also have the Criminal Record Management System (CRMS)and Anti-Vehicle Lifting System. These service centres have helped the police in the investigation process.
The process of the registration of tenants is also being done successful through centres under the National Action Plan. It has produced encouraging results. The advancement has been in the complicated and painful problems of lost children through these service centres.
The process of the provision of legal assistance is also continuing to the harassment and torture victim women through the police service centres. He said the project of the Police Mobile Khidmat Marakiz (Centers) has been translated into the reality in the short of one month and he congratulated all the officers and officials working in the project.
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“Today is the beginning of the provision of comforts to millions of the people of Punjab.”
The chief minister said the police have played vital role in the anti-encroachment drive, price control, Ramazan Bazaars, security of mosques and the control of crime.
He said the tragic terrorism incident had taken place at the tomb of the Ali Hijveri in Lahore and the police and the concerning institutions have played vital role in arresting the accused.
The chief minister announced a separate quota for the families of the police martyrs in the Prime Minister Housing Scheme and said the financial assistance case of the families of police martyrs have been cleared and that I have given clear instructions that the financial help cases of police martyrs should be resolved in seven days.
The chief minister also announced the approval of increasing the FD allowance of the Punjab Police frozen since 2008. He said although we have facing economic problems, but I assure that all possible resources will be provided for the Punjab Police.
He said the police service is not only a job, the police uniform is not only a uniform, but these are symbols of distinctions and proves that Allah Almighty have selected for the service and protection of the police.
“The honour and importance of protection of life and property of the citizens have been explained in the Holy Quran. The dignity of this post requires that police should do injustice to anybody and stop those inflict cruelty on the people and give comfort to the victim.”
Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat, Punjab Industries Minister MianAslam Iqbal, Auqaf Minister Syed Alhassan Shah, Energy Minister Akhtar Malik, MPAs, additional chief secretary, additional chief secretary home, IGP, CCPO Lahore, RPOs, DPOs and concerning officers also attended the ceremony.— PRESS HANDOUT