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Twitter (X) Starts Taking Every User’s Data to Train its AI


LAHORE MIRROR — Twitter, now operating under the new name “X,” has recently revised its privacy policy to incorporate the use of user data for the purpose of training its AI models.

This development raises some noteworthy questions and concerns about the nature and extent of data that X intends to employ for this purpose.

Elon Musk, the CEO of X, has publicly stated that the company’s AI training will exclusively rely on publicly available data, which includes users’ posts and tweets. However, a discrepancy arises when examining X’s privacy policy, which mentions the collection of additional data, such as biometric information, job history, and educational background, specifically for “safety, security, and identification purposes.”

Ironically, Musk, who previously criticized Microsoft for alleged unauthorized use of X’s data, appears to be steering X towards a model that leverages user-generated content without explicit consent or compensation, resembling the approach taken by Facebook. This shift highlights the growing recognition that the real value in the AI-driven era lies in the continuous flow of timely user-generated content.

In light of these recent developments, it’s evident that Musk’s actions in the realm of social media may occasionally defy conventional predictions and assumptions, leading X down a path of transformation that could have far-reaching implications for its users and the digital landscape as a whole.