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Hareem Shah’s Husband Goes ‘Missing’


LAHORE MIRROR — Bilal Shah, the husband of TikTok star Hareem Shah, has gone missing after his arrival in Karachi from London last week, according to reports.

In a video statement given to Geo News from London, Hareem Shah alleged that her husband had been “kidnapped for unknown reasons.” However, Bilal’s family countered this claim, stating that he was being questioned regarding Hareem’s social media posts.

Hareem and Bilal had been residing in London for about two months after Hareem’s legal dispute with fellow TikToker Sundal Khattak.

Bilal departed from London for Karachi eight days ago but went missing two days after his arrival, reportedly during a visit to a local busy market, as per Hareem’s account.

Sources in Karachi indicated that Bilal informed investigators that Hareem was not directly managing the Twitter account associated with her; instead, someone else was operating it with her consent.

Hareem appealed, stating, “Bilal and I were in London, and he traveled to Pakistan for some business matters. He was unlawfully abducted by unidentified individuals in plain clothes. We filed a complaint with the local police station, but no one could explain the reason for his detention. We have also filed a petition in court. Bilal has been taken away without legal justification.”

She continued, “I implore law enforcement agencies to locate my husband. He has no involvement in politics or activism and holds no prior criminal record. We are deeply concerned and going through a difficult time.”

A petition has been submitted in the Sindh High Court (SHC) challenging the “unlawful detention” of Bilal, allegedly by law enforcement personnel.

Shahzadi Begum, the petitioner and Bilal’s mother, stated that her son, Syed Bilal, was apprehended on August 27 by law enforcement agencies in the Korangi area, and his whereabouts remain unknown.

She asserted that Bilal’s wife, Hareem, is a social media activist and that her spouse was detained due to her political views on social media.

The petitioner clarified that her son has no connection to any unlawful or criminal activities and requested the court to instruct the police and other law enforcement agencies to produce Bilal and provide details of any cases against him.

Hareem, currently in the UK, previously faced legal scrutiny when she uploaded a video on a social media platform claiming to have cleared immigration for international travel with a substantial amount of foreign currency without undergoing checks. This led to a case being registered against her by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).