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Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ Grosses ₹5,500 Million in Just Five Days


LAHORE MIRROR – Shah Rukh Khan’s Bollywood mega-thriller ‘Jawan,’ directed by renowned filmmaker Atlee, is rewriting the record books with its staggering earnings of 5500 million (Indian rupee) worldwide in just five days.

This action-packed film has soared to new heights by amassing a remarkable 3000 million at the Indian box office alone, making it the third Bollywood movie of 2023 to achieve this milestone.

‘Jawan’ has also etched its name in history by boasting the largest Hindi cinema opening ever, with a colossal 129 crores in global earnings.

It’s worth noting that the blockbuster ‘Ghadr 2’ took seven days to reach the 3000 million mark, while ‘Pathan’ achieved it in six days.