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PLRA Increases Land Record Centres to Over 5,000 in 2021

-- The authority bags achievement in collaboration with NADRA, banks and Dehi Markaz Maal


LAHORE– In view of the vision of the Chief Minister Punjab and for public convenience, the Punjab Land Record Authority has significantly increased the number of Land Record Centers in 2021.

Total number of centers has increased to more than 5000 by collaborating with NADRA, banks and Dehi Markaz Maal.

Gradual increase in the volume of services and revenue of the public exchequer has been observed, due to increased footsteps of PLRA.

In 2021, a total of about 4 million landowners and beneficiaries were provided computerized services of fard issuance and attestation of mutation.

Resultantly Rs15 billion are generated for government exchequer under provincial taxes and PLRA charges.

Out of total 2.7 million fard issued during 2021 1.8 million are issued from ARC, 5.5 lacs from NADAR, 2 lacs from Dehi Marakaz Maal, 1 lacs online, while 31 thousand and 21 thousand from mobile centers and banks, respectively.

Similarly, out of 1.2 million attested mutations, about 1.1 million transfers were made through land record centers, 1.5 million DMM, 40,000 mobile centers and 1800 mutations were attested through banks.

Under the Prime Minister’s Corruption Free Pakistan Vision, a special team has been formed in PLRA to register and resolve public grievances. In 2021, 479 complaints have been received through the Prime Minister’s Portal in PLRA, which had been resolved promptly.

In order to strengthen the system of reward and punishment , 34 persons have been dismissed in the year 2021 after completing the inquiry and other disciplinary action against 99 officers and officials due to the complaints received against the staff.

Other interventions are also being taken by PLRA for public facilitation. Universal access will soon enable customers to access the services of their desired area from anywhere in Punjab. Computerization of urban land records will also be started soon to introduce a unified and integrated system of land records.— PRESS RELEASE