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NAB Lhr Calls Up 100,000 Persons, Arrests 859 Accused Since Its Inception


LAHORE–The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Lahore has issued comparative details of persons called up and those arrested as accused during the course of Complaint Verification (CV), inquiries, investigations and reference filing levels since its inception.

Numerous individuals are being called up before Combined Investigation Teams (CIT) in corruption cases to inquire about the allegations as part of the case details. 

NAB Lahore has, so far, called in approximately 100,000 individuals during probe of ongoing cases from 2017 to date, whereas, during this epoch 859 accused were nabbed over the solid evidences against them to keep the investigations continue on merit.

Moreover, Seven Hundred Thousand (approx) individuals were summoned in different corruption scams since inception of NAB Lahore in 1999 till 2016 from which 1532 accused were arrested as per law.

NAB strictly follows the policy of “Case not Face” which has been adopted by Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal and each and every accused is being arrested as provision of law.

While sharing the details of arrested accused persons, NAB nullifies the false impression that NAB summons different persons during case proceedings and gets their custody.

NAB is a National Institution and all of its actions and procedures are withheld under the ambit of law. NAB, in this regard, doesn’t allow space to any unlawful act.

Only those accused are being taken into custody against whom NAB gets solid evidences so to keep the further investigations underway. Plentiful individuals are called necessarily before CITs as part of case proceedings and also for assistance in some cases.— PRESS RELEASE