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Liquor license: CM Buzdar Records His Statement Before NAB Lahore

-- Says he appeared before the NAB in his personal capacity while fulfilling all legal requirements


LAHORE– “I have appeared before the NAB in personal capacity while fulfilling all legal requirements,” said Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar in a statement issued here on Wednesday.

“I went to the NAB office in a vehicle without protocol. I presented my point of view before NAB and apprised them about facts in the matter of the issuance of the license, he added. I presented facts before the NAB to remove any ambiguity in the matter of license,” he further said. 

The CM asserted that with the grace of Almighty Allah, his hands are clean and he will present his point of view whenever subpoenaed. We believe in the reverence of constitutional bodies as no one is above the law in the new Pakistan, the CM emphasized.

I have set a tradition of accepting the supremacy of the law by presenting before the NAB and I have also presented my point of view before the special commission and the court, he added.

The CM regretted that hooliganism and lawlessness were demonstrated before NAB office yesterday. The nation has witnessed pandemonium yesterday and a demonstration of believing in law today. The violators of law have exposed themselves; he said and added that the following law is the duty of every citizen. I have not committed any wrong nor would allow it to anyone. The affairs of the government are being run in accordance with the rules and regulations in Punjab, the CM concluded.— HANDOUT