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JI leadership Condemns Govt Move to Impose Embargoes on Religious Seminaries

JI chief Senator Sirajul Haq says the government is creating Madaris issue at a time when its incapability has badly exposed in every sector


LAHORE– Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leadership has condemned the government move to impose restrictions on the religious seminaries and termed it an intentional step to shift the attention of the people on non-issues.

“The government is creating Madaris issue at a time when its incapability has badly exposed in every sector,” said JI chief Senator Sirajul Haq while addressing a meeting of central leadership at Mansoora on Monday.

He said the rulers were trying to impose western agenda in the country in the name of Madrissah reforms. He said the religious seminaries were fortress of Islam, protecting the ideological boundaries of the country.

He said at a time when Islamophobia was on the rise in world, madaris were beacons of light and promoting values of Islam.

Siraj said the government badly failed to bring reform in any sector. He said unemployment and inflation were touching the skies, common man had no access to justice and majority of the country’s population was deprived of even basic health and education facilities.

In the prevailing worst circumstances, he added, the government suddenly turned towards madaris which was a non-issue.

JI chief condoles death of mother of Tahir Ashrafi

JI chief also visited the residence of Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Tahir Ashrafi to offer condolence on the death of his mother.

Talking on occasion, he said the Pakistani government and international community were acting helplessly over the human rights violation in Indian held Kashmir.

He said the curfew entered 63rd day in IHK with people were starving to death and spending life like prisoners.

Amirul Azeem reacts over seminaries

Meanwhile, JI Secretary General Amirul Azeem expressed severe concern over the government decision to freeze the bank accounts of religious seminaries.

He said the move was an act of hostility against the religious forces. He said Madrissah were providing free education, food and shelter to over 3.5 million.

The sudden decision of the government, he added, made it hard for the management of Madrissah even to arrange two times meals for the students. He asked the government to immediately take back its decision or get ready to face the protests.

Liaqat Baloch

JI Naib Amir Liaqat Baloch, in a separate statement, thanked the participants of the Lahore march which JI had organized on Sunday to express solidarity with Kashmiris.

He said the people of Lahore had conveyed the clear message to their Kashmiri brethren that they were standing shoulder to shoulder with them in their struggle against Indian occupation.— PRESS RELEASE