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Be a woman!


Anusha Asif

How many times have you heard the phrase “Be a man!” to stay strong or to be still through the situation. But here’s my question why we don’t say “be a woman!” what’s wrong here? Let’s get this straight. All I want to clear this fact that a woman can be strong and still too. A woman can also be a strong leader and coach in anybody’s bad situation.


It is the most unfortunate thing in our society not to accept the status of a woman as per real dignity. In most of the small cities and urban areas, the role of a woman has still considered worthless. Despite the fact, women in those areas work tirelessly to survive their living. Most of them are the breadwinner of their houses. Not only the facts of small towns and conservative areas but this stereotypical conception also started in modern cities as well only the difference is not showing it in huge statistics. This is completely unjust to bring a well-educated independent woman in your home and do not be able to understand her goals, desire, and way of living what she wants just because she is your wife and yes she is a woman. Some of the women do not give attention to this reality and suffer their lives just the way they are. This needs to stop now.


It is never too late to accept the fact that you are strong and you always were. It is not hard to make your son respect every woman in society. Bring the change from your own house and make it happen. We become more powerful when we empower each other. Break the chain and step forward if you face any sort of domestic violence (mental or physical) because it isn’t the time then when it is?
Step up and empower woman,

** BE A WOMAN! **

— The writer is a student of BBA (Hons).

DISCLAIMER: This content is not written to degrade any gender. It has been written to empower women’s dignity in Pakistan.