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Bad News for Poor Masses as Govt Increases Price of Petrol by Rs3.01


ISLAMABAD– The federal government on Saturday announced a Rs3.01 increase in the price of petrol owing to the rising petroleum prices in the international market.

According to a notification by the Finance Division, besides petrol, an increase in other petroleum products will also be enforced starting January 16.

Petrol, with the Rs3.01 increase, will now cost Rs147.83 per litre, whereas high speed diesel, with an increase of Rs3, will now cost Rs144.62 per litre.

In addition, kerosene will cost Rs3 more and will thus be priced at Rs116.48 per litre, while light diesel oil will become Rs3.33 dearer to cost Rs114.54 per litre.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had recommended a Rs5.52 per litre increase in the price of petrol.