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Add IG Malick Directs POs to Remain Vigilant Around Adjoining Areas, Underpasses Along M2


LAHORE– It is the prime responsibility of the National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) to ensure safety of the commuters travelling on motorways, no laxity will be tolerated in this regard.

Additional patrolling vehicles and manpower have been deployed on motorways in order to ensure the safe travelling, said by Additional Inspector General Abbass Hussain Malick while presiding a meeting at M2 South on Friday.  

Additional IG Abbass Hussain Malick informed that despite constraints of resources continuous effective patrolling will be ensured on motorways to prevent any untoward happening. It is brilliant traditions proven over the years of NHMP to provide quality help to road users and no compromise will be made in this regard.

Malick added that snap checking of suspicious vehicles will be carried on permanent basis to ensure security of road users. He directed the officers to have vigilant eye on adjoining areas and underpasses so that criminals may not used them as hiding place to commit any criminal’s activity on motorways.

He further said coordination with local police must be maximized in order to prevent crime and tracing criminals.

The Additional IG asserted officers to make comprehensive strategies for crime prevention and effective patrolling keeping in view of local needs.— PRESS RELEASE