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Woman Apprehended Who Chew Off the Anti-theft Cable To Steal iPhone 14 Plus


LAHORE MIRROR — In a surprising incident at an Apple store in Fujian province, southern China, a woman named Qiu made a daring attempt to pilfer a $960 (Rs 79,414) iPhone 14 Plus by gnawing through the anti-theft cable.

However, her audacious theft endeavor did not escape detection. Surveillance footage of the episode swiftly became a sensation on Chinese social media platforms.

In the video, Qiu can be observed positioned in front of a smartphone display, inspecting a phone. She proceeds to lean on the counter, nibbling on the security cable repeatedly, and covertly stashes the phone into her bag before exiting the store.

Despite an alarm being activated during the theft, store employees initially perceived nothing unusual. They believed Qiu had behaved like any regular customer perusing the phone’s features. Nevertheless, upon closer scrutiny, they stumbled upon the chewed cable and the absent phone, prompting them to alert the authorities.

Police officers apprehended Qiu outside her residence after reviewing security camera footage that incontrovertibly depicted the sequence of events. She also admitted to the theft, confessing that her initial intention had been to purchase a new phone following the loss of her old one. However, she opted for theft upon encountering the hefty price tag. She remains in custody as the investigation unfolds.

This incident has left many individuals bewildered. Some have raised questions about Qiu’s awareness of the numerous security cameras in the store, while others have been astonished by her determination and the strength of her teeth.