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WhatsApp refutes claims that the platform considering introduction of ads


LAHORE MIRROR — WhatsApp’s CEO, Will Cathcart, has refuted claims made in a recent Financial Times report suggesting that the messaging platform, owned by Meta Platforms, was considering the introduction of advertisements to bolster its revenue.

Cathcart took to social media, specifically the platform formerly known as Twitter, to declare, “This @FT story is false. We aren’t doing this.”

The FT report had indicated that teams within Meta had been in discussions regarding the possibility of displaying ads within lists of conversations with contacts on the WhatsApp chat screen. However, it was emphasised that no final decisions had been reached in this regard.

The report disclosed that Meta was contemplating the introduction of a subscription fee for an ad-free version of the app, according to information from three sources familiar with the matter.

The FT article also highlighted that there was significant resistance to these potential changes from many insiders within the company. As of now, Meta has not yet provided an official response to a request for comment from Reuters regarding these developments.

Source: Reuters