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“The Nun 2” Haunts the Box Office While Competitors Flee in Fear


LAHORE MIRROR — “The Nun II” reigns supreme at the box office with a spine-tingling debut, raking in an impressive $13 million on its opening day, in addition to a chilling $3.1 million from previews.

This supernatural horror sequel has sent shockwaves through the competition, establishing its dominance in the cinematic world.

This latest addition to the Conjuring universe is proving to be a goldmine for the franchise, with a projected opening weekend haul of $31.3 million. This success has left Denzel Washington’s high-octane thriller “The Equalizer 3” trailing behind in its wake.

Notably, “The Nun II” has set a new standard for the horror franchise, surpassing its predecessor. The first installment of the series, “The Nun,” had amassed an impressive $53.8 million in its opening weekend, ultimately becoming the highest-grossing franchise installment worldwide, with a staggering total of $365.5 million.

Directed by Michal Chaves, “The Nun II” features the return of familiar faces, Taissa Farmiga and Bonnie Aarons, who once again send shivers down audiences’ spines with their bone-chilling performances.

It’s worth noting that Bonnie Aarons had previously taken legal action against Warner Bros., accusing the studio of breaching her contract by providing only a meager payment of $71,500, while denying her any share in the film’s tremendous success.

In her lawsuit, she alleged, “Instead of transparently accounting and fairly compensating Ms. Aarons, Warner Bros. has concealed and manipulated the true extent of her rightful share of merchandising revenues, all the while continuing to profit from her contributions to the franchise.”