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Rabi-Pirzada Invites Controversy By Posting Explosive Photo On Social Media


Singer Rabi Pirzada on Tuesday donned what appeared to a suicide jacket and posted a photo of herself wearing it on the social networking website Twitter, with a caption warning Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over what he had done in occupied Kashmir.

The controversial image sparked outrage on social media, and many users reprimanded the Lahore-based singer for using the social platform irresponsibly, and projecting a bad image of the country to the outside world. This is not the first time Pirzada has invited controversy.

Modi Hitler i just wish huh. “kashmir ki beti,” she wrote as caption to the photo. In the image, Pirzada can be seen wearing a jacket with explosives attached to it, and jokingly warns Modi about his actions in Indian-occupied Kashmir, saying she is a daughter of the land.


Last month, the Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department had begun action against Pirzada for keeping wild animals, including four pythons, an alligator, and snakes as pets. The department took the action against the singer for violating the Wildlife Act.

According to the act, keeping exotic animals such as alligators, snakes, pythons and other reptiles is prohibited. The issue came to attention as Rabi Pirzada’s pictures and videos on social media were aired by on a TV channel, prompting officials into taking legal action.

A court in Lahore later issued the arrest warrants of Pirzada for keeping wild animals as pets, suggested reports from the provincial capital. A hearing into the case was conducted in the Model Town court during which Pirzada had failed to appear.

The court issued the arrest warrants of the Lahore-based singer after reprimanding her for the callous attitude towards the whole affair. At a hearing in late September, the singer accused lawyers representing the wildlife department of launching personal attacks against her.

Source Geo news