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Propaganda About Presence Of Novel Corona Virus In Chicken Is Misleading



LAHORE- Vice Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) (Northern Region) Ch. Muhammad Fargham in a Press Briefing informed that poultry sector is one of the most organized branches of the agro-based sector of Pakistan.

Poultry Sector has been serving the nation since 1962 and providing affordable poultry products to the masses to fulfill the requirements of animal protein.

Poultry at present contributes 40% of the total meat consumption and generates employment and income for thousands of people. It is also pertinent to mention here that poultry is the cheapest available meat protein source for our masses and as such, is an effective check upon the spiraling animal protein prices also.

Mr. Chairman further said that a misleading rumor is being circulated now a days on social media regarding the presence of Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCov) in Chicken with the warning to General Public to avoid use of chicken meat in next 60-90 days. In this regard Ministry of National Food Security & Research (Livestock Wing) Government of Pakistan and Poultry Research Institute Punjab has also rebutted this baseless news through there notifications, which have already been published in national media.

Pakistan Poultry Association strongly condemn this baseless propaganda against the Poultry Product and clarifies that the rumor is fake and baseless. The Corona Virus (2019-nCov) has not been reported in Chicken in the country. More over Poultry has not been reported to be involved in transmission of 2019-nCov to human so far in any part of the world.

Therefore, chicken meat is healthy, nutritious and safe for the consumers. The chicken lovers may continue to consume chicken meat without any fear. –PRESS RELEASE