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NTDC Approves 2 Specifications for Human Safety and Asset Protection of DISCOs


LAHORE MIRROR — The National Transmission and Despatch Company Limited (NTDC) has approved two specifications for the Asset Performance Management System (APMS) for pole-mounted Distribution Transformers (100 kVA & 200 kVA) and Earthing Conductor.

The decision was made during a meeting chaired by Managing Director NTDC, Engr. Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan, at the NTDC headquarters. The meeting was attended by DMDs (P&E) and (AD&M), GM (D&E), GM (AM) North & South, CE (P&C), CE (SS Design), and CE (S&S) and other senior officers.

The APMS NTDC Specification DDS-76:2023, prepared by the Office of Chief Engineer Standard & Specification NTDC, aims to improve the life and performance of Distribution Transformers. This will result in significant cost savings for Distribution Companies (DISCOs) by reducing the damage and burning ratio of these transformers.

Distribution Transformers are the backbone of the Distribution Network, and the automation of Distribution Substations will enhance the visibility of the LT network, enabling Utility Companies to optimize the utilization of the Power Network through real-time monitoring. The APMS will also record energy supplied, allowing for the localization of energy losses through energy accounting.

Moreover, the APMS will prioritize human safety by incorporating Residual Current protection. It is important to note that the Standard and Specification Department NTDC serves as the custodian of all specifications and standards used in DISCOs.

Additionally, during the meeting, the specification for Earthing Conductor, P-16:2023, was also approved. This milestone is part of ongoing efforts to ensure the reliability of the Grid. The revised specification includes the incorporation of copper clad steel conductor in addition to the hard drawn bare copper conductor for earthing. This modification will not only reduce procurement costs, leading to savings for taxpayers, but also address the problem of conductor theft, as the use of copper clad steel conductor will deter such incidents.

NTDC remains committed to its objective of prioritizing human safety and ensuring the efficient and cost-effective operation of power utilities. These approved specifications will contribute significantly to the enhancement of asset performance, as well as the overall reliability and sustainability of the power sector in Pakistan.

MD NTDC Engr. Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan appreciated the both teams for their dedication and commitment, he also commended the efforts of committees comprised of high ranked engineers for their technical inputs for preparation of aforementioned specifications.