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NHA raises Lahore-Islamabad Motorway toll tax rate


LAHORE MIRROR – A new inflation will hit motorway travelers as the toll tax rates for the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2) have been raised once again, as announced by the National Highway Authority (NHA).

These revised rates are scheduled to be implemented from August 25, 2023, through August 26, 2024. The updated toll charges are detailed as follows:

Category              Toll Rate Per Kilometer (Rs.)       Total Amount (Rs.)

Car/Jeep/Pickup              3.07                                        1,100

Wagon                                  5.15                                        1,840

Coaster                                 7.22                                        2,590

Coach                                    10.29                                     3,690

Truck                                     13.39                                     4,800

Trailer                                   17.22                                     6,170

Gujranwala Motorway Link Project

Last month, construction work began on the Gujranwala Motorway Link Project, a Rs. 11 billion project that will connect the city with the motorway. The project will be completed in 90 days and provide travel convenience to the city’s 600,000 residents.

It involves the construction of a 58.1-kilometer-long stretch of road, including two flyovers, connecting Gujranwala with an interchange near Mooramanabad. Deputy Commissioner (DC) Gujranwala, Fayyaz Aslam, stated that the motorway will not be closed during construction and that the project will be completed in the fastest possible time.

It is being referred to as a major development for Gujranwala, which is currently not connected to the motorway. The new link will provide residents with faster and more convenient access to other parts of the country and will boost economic activity in the region.