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Nawaz Sharif Sees General Elections in February: Rana Sanaullah


LAHORE MIRROR — Rana Sanaullah, a leader of the PML-N, stated on Tuesday that the party’s leader, Nawaz Sharif, holds a strong belief that general elections will be conducted in February of the upcoming year.

During an appearance on the Geo News program ‘Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath,’ Sanaullah addressed Nawaz Sharif’s anticipated return to Pakistan and the circumstances surrounding it.

Sanaullah noted that the completion of constituency delimitation is a prerequisite for the February elections, and this process is expected to be finalized by December. He emphasized Nawaz Sharif’s confidence in the election timeline and suggested that it would be suitable for Nawaz to return to Pakistan sometime in September or October, given the expected election schedule.

Nawaz Sharif had left Pakistan in November 2019 for medical treatment in London after being convicted in a corruption case. Since his departure, he has not returned to the country and is facing multiple legal cases in Pakistan.

Last week, Nawaz’s younger brother and former Prime Minister, Shhebaz Sharif, announced his plan to return to Pakistan in September. He expressed his intention to lead the PML-N’s election campaign and potentially serve as Prime Minister for the fourth time if the party achieves victory in the elections.

Moreover, Shhebaz Sharif alleged that the establishment intended to hold the elections within the constitutional timeframe of 90 days following the dissolution of the National Assembly on August 9. This dissolution occurred three days before the assembly’s term was set to conclude.

As per the Constitution, if the assembly completes its full term, elections are to be held within 60 days. However, in cases of premature dissolution, like the present scenario, this period extends to 90 days.