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Nana Patekar Humorously Remarks, ‘Maybe They Think We’re Too Old’

He Breaks His Silence About Not Joining the Upcoming Sequel of 'Welcome 3'


LAHORE MIRROR – Renowned Bollywood actor Nana Patekar has broken his silence regarding his absence in the highly anticipated sequel to the popular film ‘Welcome3.’

Addressing his exclusion during a promotional event for his latest film, Nana Patekar openly discussed ‘Welcome 3’ and humorously suggested, “Maybe they think we’re too old.”

While not directly naming the creators of ‘Welcome 3,’ Nana Patekar subtly poked fun at them and mentioned that the producers of the film he was currently promoting didn’t share the same sentiment and had cast him.

It’s worth noting that alongside Nana Patekar, actor Anil Kapoor also won’t be part of ‘Welcome 3.’

The original ‘Welcome’ film, released in 2007, featured Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor, and their characters were adored by fans.

The sequel, ‘Welcome Back,’ was released in 2015, reuniting both veteran actors.