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Khawaja Haris Steps Down from Imran Khan’s Defense Team

Barrister Gohar, clarified that Haris is still actively representing IK in both Supreme & IHC.


LAHORE MIRROR – Khawaja Haris, a prominent senior lawyer, has recently stepped down from his role in the legal defense team representing PTI Chief Imran Khan in various courts. Despite being a senior figure within the team, Haris made the decision to depart due to perceived disciplinary issues, sources reported on Thursday.

Another member of the legal team, Barrister Gohar, clarified that Haris is still actively representing the former prime minister in both the Supreme Court and the Islamabad High Court, as he has not yet revoked his power of attorney.

The news of Haris’s departure garnered significant attention from TV channels. Sources indicate that his decision to distance himself from fellow legal team members stemmed from disagreements regarding the approach to be taken towards the Islamabad High Court bench, presided over by IHC Chief Justice Aamir Farooq.

According to reports, some lawyers within the team proposed raising objections against the bench, specifically targeting the chief justice, while Haris preferred a more cautious stance.

Despite Haris’s advice against the confrontational strategy, certain members of the legal team proceeded with their plan to voice objections against the bench.

Barrister Gohar countered claims of Haris’s complete departure, asserting that Haris often delegates his courtroom representations to assistants while maintaining his involvement behind the scenes.

Furthermore, Barrister Gohar emphasized that Haris’s power of attorney for representing Khan in both the Supreme Court and the High Court remains in effect and has not been rescinded.