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Katie criticizes fans over claims of voice distortion in video clip from 2005


LAHORE MIRROR — In a recent episode of the Katie Price Show podcast, Katie Price was spotted using a vape while addressing a controversy surrounding a 2005 video clip featuring her and her ex-husband Peter Andre singing “A Whole New World.”

The video, which seemed to be from the BBC’s Children in Need show, revealed Katie struggling to hit the right notes during the performance.

However, Katie Price has now come forward to declare the video clip as fake, asserting that her singing voice was heavily manipulated to portray her in a negative light.

During a conversation with her sister and co-host Sophie on the podcast, the former I Am A Celebrity star explained, “I know exactly where that clip is from. Someone has intentionally distorted it to make me sound awful.”

Sophie chimed in, agreeing with Katie’s sentiment. To which Katie promptly responded, “Exactly. People have witnessed me singing it live on TikTok, and they know I can actually sing.”

In an effort to prove her point, Katie expressed her intention to re-record the song and demonstrate her singing abilities once again. However, her efforts to convince her fans seemed to fall short. After the podcast clip was shared on Katie’s Instagram account, her followers didn’t hold back in expressing their opinions. One follower commented, “Katie, some of us didn’t distort the clip.

Let’s be honest, your singing isn’t your strong suit.” Another follower wrote, “Perhaps you’re a bit out of touch with reality, Katie.”

Despite Katie Price’s determination to set the record straight, it appears that public opinion remains divided on the authenticity of the 2005 video clip.