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Kardashian House Trailer Unveils Calculated Journey to Fame


The House of Kardashian trailer has just been unveiled, shedding light on the Kardashian family’s calculated path to fame, leaving viewers astonished by their strategic maneuvers.

It’s worth noting that, in contrast to their previous documentaries like ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ and ‘The Kardashians,’ the family members of this social media sensation have reportedly relinquished editorial control over this explosive documentary.

What’s Inside the Trailer?

The initial trailer features Caitlyn Jenner candidly stating, “Kimberly meticulously plotted her path to fame right from the beginning.”

Conversely, Francis reveals to the camera, “The controversial sex tape was merely a means to an end, a deliberate strategy to stir up controversy.”


An unidentified female voice asserts, “Kris aspired to be more than just a homemaker,” while another voiceover highlights that people typically fall into two categories: those who want to discuss this globally renowned family and those who believe they’ve had a detrimental impact on the world.

The Kardashians are a polarizing force in our time, with some seeing them as a powerful dynasty of influential women who inspire girls worldwide, while others view them as talentless reality stars who exploit their lives as a superficial fairy tale, potentially harming women’s perceptions.

Directed by Katie Hindley and produced by Fremantle’s 72 Films (known for ‘The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty’) in collaboration with Sky Studios, ‘House of Kardashian’ is eagerly anticipated.

Release Date for ‘House of Kardashian’

For those in the United Kingdom, ‘House of Kardashian’ is scheduled to premiere on October 8th on Sky Documentaries and the streaming service Now.