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Infant Girl in Sadiqabad Found with Fetus Inside Her


LAHORE MIRROR — In a surprising medical discovery, doctors in Sadiqabad conducted surgery on a 10-month-old girl on Sunday to remove an abdominal tumor and ascites.

However, their astonishment knew no bounds when they uncovered the presence of the child’s twin inside her abdomen.

According to Prof Dr Mushtaq Ahmed, a pediatric surgeon at Shaikh Zayed Medical College Hospital, a 10-month-old infant was referred to a Sadiqabad hospital due to a pre-abdominal and abdominal mass. Subsequently, she underwent surgery to remove the lump located inside her body.

Dr Ahmed went on to explain that this rare medical phenomenon is known as “fetus-in-fetu” (FIF) within the medical community and is an exceptionally rare congenital condition. Fetus-in-fetu occurs when a parasitic and malformed fetus develops inside the body of its twin.

The anomaly was first characterized by Meckel in the early nineteenth century. Globally, there have been only 200 recorded instances of this abnormality, translating to approximately one case per 500,000 births.