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Indian Journalist Vikrant Gupta Trolled for Pessimistic Remarks on Asia Cup 2023 Opener in Pakistan


LAHORE MIRROR — The commencement of the much-anticipated Asia Cup 2023, featuring a 50-over format, witnessed its inaugural match on Wednesday, sparking excitement across the region.

The opening clash unfolded between cricketing rivals Pakistan and Nepal at the prestigious Multan Cricket Stadium. Adding to the fervor, the audience was treated to captivating performances by Pakistani vocalist Aima Baig and Nepal’s own Trishala Gurung, setting the stage for a memorable event.

However, amidst the celebratory atmosphere surrounding the Asia Cup kick-off, Indian sports presenter Vikrant Gupta found himself at the center of social media scrutiny. Gupta garnered attention for meticulously dissecting seemingly inconsequential aspects of the opening ceremony.

While the occasion was meant to symbolize unity and cricketing spirit, Gupta’s focus shifted towards propagating his own narrative, drawing criticism from netizens.

As the Asia Cup 2023 continues to capture the cricketing world’s attention, Gupta’s approach to the event’s inauguration has ignited discussions about the role of sports journalism and the impact of negativity on such occasions.

An Indian sports presenter, Vikrant Gupta, was mocked on social media for pointing out meaningless facts about inaugural match of the Asia Cup 2023 on Wednesday.

The mega regional event of 50-over format begins with first clash between Pakistan and Nepal at Multan Cricket Stadium. Pakistani singer Aima Baig and Nepal’s vocal Trishala Gurung enthralled the spectators before the start of the match.

Amid celebrations for the start of the Asia Cup event, the Indian journalist started spreading propaganda against the opening ceremony of the event.