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Hareem Shah’s Husband safely returns home following alleged Kidnapping


LAHORE MIRROR — Hareem Shah has confirmed on Tuesday that her husband had returned home safely following an alleged kidnapping incident.

She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards all those who had voiced their concern and advocated for the safe return of her missing husband.

The ordeal began when Hareem Shah reported on Sunday that her husband had gone missing in Karachi. She revealed that both she and her husband, Bilal, had been in London, and he had traveled to Pakistan for work. However, he was allegedly kidnapped by individuals dressed in plain clothes.

Despite their efforts, the local police station couldn’t provide any information regarding his disappearance. They subsequently filed a petition with the court, asserting that Bilal had been unlawfully taken from them.

In a video shared on a platform previously known as Twitter, Hareem Shah passionately implored law enforcement agencies to locate her husband. She emphasized that Bilal had no affiliations with politics or activism, and he possessed a clean criminal record. The family was experiencing immense worry and hardship during this challenging time.

Hareem Shah’s recent notoriety stemmed from her controversial videos and her unconventional approach to addressing national issues. Just last month, she garnered attention for sharing a viral video featuring former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in London, provoking diverse reactions from the public.

Prior to that, she made headlines by declaring her ambition to serve as the caretaker foreign minister of the country for six months, with a bold claim that she could transform Pakistan’s economic landscape. She tweeted, “If I am appointed as Pakistan’s foreign minister for just six months, I will elevate our foreign exchange reserves from 8 billion to 100 billion dollars.”

In 2021, Hareem Shah made waves when she tied the knot with Bilal Shah. Her husband steadfastly supported her during a challenging period when her private videos were leaked in March of that year.