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FIA Arrests Cashier Involved in Hawala Hundi Business, Seizes Rs. 3.2M


By Our Web Reporter 

LAHORE MIRROR – In a significant development, the FIA Anti-Corruption Circle has arrested an individual involved in an illegal ‘Hawala/Hundi’ business linked to a company named Tech Zone, following the recovery of Rs. 3.2 million

This money was allegedly involved in the Hawala/ Handi under the guise of mobile phone buying and selling.

According to the FIA Anti-Corruption unit, operating under the guidance of Deputy Director Javed Baloch, conducted an operation at the Zamzam mobile market.

During this operation, Shah Rukh, who served as the cashier of the company, was taken into custody.

In addition to the cash, supply receipts related to the illegal import of mobile phones, valued at over Rs. 24 crore, were also seized.

Among the items recovered, there were 14 new and old iPhones of three different models, 2 iPads, and 2 smartwatches.

The combined value of the exported mobile phones and other items exceeds Rs. 38 lakh.

The authorities have initiated further legal action by registering a case against both the company and the accused.