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Does Prince William face backlash to honour King Charles?


LAHORE MIRROR – Prince William is encountering backlash following his decision not to attend the Women’s World Cup final in Australia, where he would have shown support for England’s team, the Lionesses. Despite his absence, the future king released a video message, preemptively apologizing for not being able to attend England vs. Spain final in person.

Princess Charlotte joined Prince William for the video message.

Now, the ‘real reason’ why the Prince missed England’s World Cup final clash in Australia has been disclosed.

The Sun, citing some reports, says Prince William cannot constitutionally visit Australia before his father King Charles, who is Australia’s head of state.

King Charles has not yet visited the country, after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

It is also reported that Prince William made the decision not to travel to Australia due to environmental concerns.

However, Prince William, who has been the president of England’s Football Association for nearly 20 years, watched the game at home with his family.