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‘Coke Studio’ Vocalist Asad Abbas Dies Following Prolonged Battle


LAHORE MIRROR — Singer Asad Abbas, hailing from Pakistan, battled a prolonged illness stemming from kidney complications, necessitating urgent and costly medical attention. Tragically, his health declined, leading to his demise on a Tuesday.

Asad Abbas grappled with the challenges of undergoing dialysis treatment four times a week at the hospital, with the hope of eventually receiving a kidney transplant, a significant surgical procedure. To secure the required funds, estimated at around Rs50 million, he sought assistance from various quarters, including the media, politicians, and the general public.

After his passing, a poignant message was shared on Asad Abbas’ Facebook account, expressing a wish for his eternal peace. Fellow musician Sohail Haider also conveyed his sorrow on Facebook regarding the loss.

Numerous other artists and admirers of Asad Abbas joined in to express their grief and extend their support. Actor Adnan Siddiqui, for instance, appealed to everyone to rally behind Asad Abbas’ cause, emphasizing his musical talents and stressing the importance of collective efforts in aiding the ailing artist during his trying times.

Asad Abbas had actively reached out to the public for aid, highlighting his musical accomplishments, such as his involvement in Coke Studio season 6, as a testament to his passion and talent. He candidly shared his urgent need for financial assistance to undergo the crucial kidney operation.

Tragically, Asad Abbas’ demise left behind not only his musical legacy but also an earnest plea for assistance. This episode serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges that artists can face when confronted with health crises and the subsequent need for communal support.