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Civil Disobedience And Lockdown Not Solution: PRGMEA


LAHORE – Strongly opposing the civil disobedience and lockdown call by some industry representatives over government’s non-seriousness to fulfill exporters demand, the Pakistan Readymade Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association called for resolving all issues through dialogues in a peaceful manner.

PRGMEA (NZ) Chairman Sohail A. Sheikh, in a statement issued here on Monday, said that civil disobedience and lockdowns are not the solution of exporters’ issues, and asked the government to strengthen its consultation process with the industry and resolve all issues amicably through dialogues. 

Sohail A. Sheikh, expressing grave concern over the imposition of extra levies and fuel adjustment charges on power supply to the exporting sectors, said that the extra charges should be withdrawn immediately, as it would threaten Pakistan’s exports and spark a crisis in the textile industry. The government as well as the business community will have to resolve all issues through consultation.

Opposing the strategy of lockdowns and strikes, he asked the government to consult the industry representatives and recognize their genuine demands, solving their problems immediately.

“PRGMEA is in favour of the resolution of all issues textile industry, especially the SMEs but it is not supporting the protest or strike call at any cost,” he said. The country’s economy would suffer a major blow if the government failed to bring any business-friendly policies, as the buyers were gradually squeezing their purchases due to sky-rocketing cost of production.

PRGMEA Chief Coordinator Ijaz A. Khokhar said that for the economic uplift of the country, there must be good relations between the government and the business community, urging the economic managers to address the genuine reservations of the business community through policy reforms. He said that economy is shrinking due to the high cost of doing business, unfavorable business atmosphere and complicated and harsh taxation system.

The government should understand that tax collection was dependent on business activity and it was essential for the country’s economic growth that the industry should be provided level-playing field.

Sohail Sheikh demanded the government to fulfill its commitment of regionally competitive energy of 7.5 cents/KWh all-inclusive and withdraw the decision of imposition of surcharges, taxes and fuel adjustment on power supply to export-oriented sectors as it would reverse the growth in exports.–PRESS RELEASE