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Bookings Abruptly Cancelled as Commercial Theatre Banned at Alhamra Art Centre


LAHORE MIRROR — The Punjab Information and Culture Department (PICD) has made the decision to prohibit all commercial theatre activities that have been taking place at the Lahore Arts Council’s (LAC) Alhamra Art Centre on Mall Road.

This decision, announced by Provincial Minister for Information and Culture Amir Mir, comes as a response to mounting complaints about explicit dance performances in dramas held at the iconic venue.

This prohibition encompasses all commercial theatre stage plays and is accompanied by an immediate cancellation of all previously scheduled play bookings. The Alhamra Cultural Complex, which has been a platform for meaningful performances for years, had been hosting these activities.

Under the jurisdiction of LAC, the Alhamra Halls were originally intended for literary and cultural endeavors. However, commercial theatres were introduced to generate funds.

The Caretaker Culture Minister, Aamir Mir, clarified that the ban specifically targets commercial stage plays, with the artistic activities at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex continuing unaffected as per their schedules. The purpose of the ban is to uphold cultural and literary standards, fostering an environment suitable for all audiences.

Minister Mir emphasized that the ban doesn’t aim to suppress artistic expression but rather to channel it towards more refined and culturally enriching forms.