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Baby Born With Heart Outside Body Moved to CHL for Surgery


By Our Web Reporter 

LAHORE MIRROR – In what appeared to be an abnormal happening, a baby boy was born on Monday evening at District Headquarters Hospital, Muzaffargarh. This baby’s birth came with a unique and rare condition, as the infant’s heart was beating outside of his tiny chest.

Medical professionals were astounded as the infant was born with her heart outside of her body, an exceedingly rare condition. Despite this unusual circumstance, doctors have reported that the baby’s heart is functioning normally.

Recognizing the urgency of specialized care, the child was swiftly transferred to Children’s Hospital Multan, thanks to the rapid response of the Rescue 1122 ambulance service.

The newborn’s father, Muhammad Qasim, resides on Taba Karim Abad Street No. 2 in Muzaffargarh. He is a hardworking individual who, unfortunately, faces financial constraints, leaving him in a challenging situation as he cannot afford the necessary treatment for his precious child.

He appealed to the CM and PM of Punjab for assistance, and after immediate media coverage, CM Punjab took notice and instructed the Rescue 1122 authority to transport the baby to Lahore for advanced care.

In a significant development, following the directive of Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, the child has been moved from Multan to Lahore.

Sources from Children’s Hospital Multan have confirmed that the newborn was carefully transferred to Children’s Hospital (CHL) via a Rescue 1122 ambulance under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

In Lahore, a surgical procedure will be conducted to reposition the baby’s heart within her chest cavity, between the ribs.

The entire nation, government officials, and the people of Pakistan join in heartfelt prayers for the child’s swift recovery.