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Attracting Large Crowds LAC’s Long Play ‘Jaal’ Concluded at Alhamra


LAHORE– Lahore Arts Council presented a four-day long play “Jaal” concluded here the other day with the message of revival and promotion of theatre.  The event at Alhamra Art Centre the Mall was attended by a large number of audiences.

The play “Jaal” was directed by Afzaal Nabi,  it was an adopted story of world famous playwright Agatha Christie’s famous novel” “And Then There Were None”.

Audience greatly appreciated the play “JAAL” as  everyone knew that suspense is always so exciting for everyone because, people are generally fascinated by stories of suspense because of the feelings of excitement or anxiety about what may happen next.

“Jaal” was all about the suspense which attracted the audience because people  always assume thrills and tension in watching or reading the suspense story.

Afzaal Nabi’s play “Jaal” provide the kind of thrill that quenched the desire of the viewer for a good mystery story to watch, crime to solve and mysteries to unravel.

The story of “Jaal” is basically a murder mystery in which ten people are invited to an island for the weekend. Although they all harbour a secret, they remain unsuspecting until they begin to die, one by one, until eventually, there are none.

Afzal Nabi’s “Jaal” was a perfect combination of thrill and detective story. At the closing ceremony of Drama “Jaal”, Executive Director  Lahore Arts Council Ather Ali Khan said it was a wonderful effort by the Council for promotion and revival of the golden period of theatre.

“Alhamra arranges such activities and events on a regular basis to provide a quality entertainment to the people of Lahore. He further said that such dramas would be helpful for creating awareness about revival of classic theatre.

Ather Ali Khan admired the performances of AKS theatre he thanked and congratulated all performers for their extraordinary participation and hard work at the drama.

He stated that LAC has arranged this play because such efforts were essential for promotion of art and culture because it was extremely important to provide similar opportunities to the youth to showcase their talent.— PRESS HANDOUT